Monday, January 24, 2011

Pillow talk

Pillows can quickly change the feel of a room, with minimal commitment. They also greatly range in price. Feeling ambitious, I went down to the Design Center and went through the fabric samples that the showrooms discard on a regular basis. I came away with a total of four samples that could work as pillows. I borrowed Kristen's sewing machine again and called my mom for a quick tutorial. The proper way was beyond my skill set (and attention span) here is a quick version, that 'works'.

I first lined up the two pieces of fabric (print sides, facing each other) pinned the two pieces together so they wouldn't move through the machine, leaving open about 8-10" in the center of the 'bottom' of the pillow, to insert the old, discarded pillow inserts.

Kristen's magical sewing machine:

I sewed inside the pins - making sure to double back my stitches near the start and end...also learned it's best to start and end at the opening space, and not on a corner because otherwise you have to go back and sew to the end of the corner, by hand, when you do your closing stitches. After stuffing pillow inserts into the shell, I went back and sewed up the opening with a basic stitch...which took less than 30 minutes...In other words, during Ava's two naps I was able to get 4 pillows done!

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