Thursday, January 27, 2011

These four walls...

Could use a little boost. My girlfriend, Caroline Myers ( and I have a tendency to get absorbed in design when we get together and usually that spills over to no less than 10-20 texts and/or emails about the very items we were just discussing...I guess we are a tad obsessive, but in a good way.

Anyway, recently we got to obsessing about wallpaper...well, you can't call it wallpaper anymore because it's often not made solely of paper...wallcoverings is more accurate. We would both love to redo a number of rooms in our apartments in wallcoverings. We particularly LOVE Timorous Beasties' product. (That company produced a toile design that depicted a tongue-in-cheek interpretation of a contemporary scene.) Using Timorous Beasties in a design automatically elevates the room to a new level. Here are some of my favorite Timorous Beasties patterns...I love so many more but these are the top five:

Next are some fav's from Jonathan Adler. I recently read two of his books that fully devote me as a fan. "Happy Chic Accessorizing" and "Happy Chic Color". Ironically enough, these choices are pretty neutral.

Osborne & Little has a lot of fun, yet classic, and elegant choices. Here are three from the most recent selection. I had a brief internship there and loved every minute of it. It was wonderful to be immersed in all of the pattern and gorgeous designs. Anthropologie's selections are lighthearted and whimsical - love! Last but not least, Ballard Designs.

AND, for those of us that can't use permanent wallcoverings, there is my new favorite company: Tempaper. We ordered 2 rolls of paper from them to do the wall behind our bed. I'm really excited to experiment with this removable paper. They have some great tips on their website to aid in the application process as well.

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