Sunday, February 20, 2011

Removable Wallpaper

The Tempaper was pretty easy to apply. The website has a pretty easy to follow demo.

But when you're dealing with uneven walls and slanted floors and ceilings, typical of San Francisco, you definitely have a bit to adjust for. Also, because this place IS a rental, we can't make any permanent changes.

First, we did as the company's video suggested and lined up the paper on the floor first.

We then began applying the paper. Three people (Nick and Tony to get it started & lined-up at the ceiling and myself near the bottom) seemed the perfect amount to apply this paper and another to document the process (Caroline). One thing we learned: if you're holding the paper at the bottom, like I was, don't pull it too much because it WILL stretch.

Tony trimming the paper at the moldings, after it was all hung.

Starting to refinish the bed

Paint layers, all Benjamin Moore: Natura line Primer, Pebble Beach Grey (had on-hand), Cloud White (only a very small sample size)

and don't tell Benjamin Moore but I sort of cheated because it was late at night and needed a darker color so I added black acrylic paint to the Pebble Beach Grey to get the dark color.

Thanks again hubby and M/M Myers!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


The National Guild of Professional Paperhangers, Inc. ( needs to give Tony & Nick a call, their Virgo tendencies really paid off last night! (Yes, Tony's a Libra but he's nearly a Virgo. And, Nick is a Virgo and a total perfectionist.) Which made them the perfect duo to work with Caroline & I on the wallpaper. Kinda funny how the night ended up with Nick and Tony doing most of the work when Caroline & I were supposed to do it all. Thanks guys! Here's a preview...more to come later, once the new comforter & pillows come.

The bedroom curtains have been swapped out with the ones in the dining room (Caroline & I did that last night also). I've been working on refinishing the bed today.
Oh and don't worry, Tony & Nick were able to get plenty of Tiger Woods Golf and FIFA soccer on the PS3...Tony claims to be the reigning champ??

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The chair is finished!

Yesterday I was able to pick-up the finished chair from Michael's Upholstery in San Rafael. ( I am so impressed by how well they lined up the fabric! What a huge difference the new fabric makes.
Chair after I picked it up:

(Yes, the coffee table that the TV is on, is a temporary solution.)
Paint color for the chair legs, Benjamin Moore, Pebble Beach Grey:

Process to correct the leg color(I should have painted the legs BEFORE sending it off to be reupholstered!):

Finished product:

A reminder of how it looked previously, a-la Ava:

Next on the agenda, I'm going to attempt to slipcover this ottoman, also inherited from a friend:

Here's how the sun has faded the fabric over time...

Here's how I think it will look afterward:

Question for you, does it look bad having a 'skirt' around the bottom, when the other pieces don't? I think I like the variation of style...

And the dog in the pic is Penelope...named after the plant that previously resided in that space. Penelope the plant has 'moved on to a better place'. Penelope is wearing a mask because she has a weird eye that kind of freaks us out.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grammy time...

What an incredible show tonight...well at least the first 1.75hrs has been great! I think this has been the best set of Grammy performances...tribute to Aretha Franklin....Bieber & Usher...MUMFORD & SONS (L.O.V.E. them)...Gaga is always wild and inspirational! And I'm sort of wondering if Cee Lo Green is more inspired by Lady Gaga or Jim Henson? BUT definitely loved seeing Gwyneth Paltrow perform! She's beautiful and talented...argh...

For some reason during the performance I kept thinking about Coup d'Etat (111 Rhode Island St., Ste. 1, SF, CA) Maybe it's that they sort of remind me of chairs that you might find at your "grammy's home" but done in a really gorgeous way! So, while you're sitting down, enjoy these seats found at Coup d'Etat:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

One woman's trash, is another woman's...

to redo in a great new fabric! My friend, Ashlie, was moving out of her place on Filbert Street a few years ago and asked if I wanted her chair. (I had previously made the comment, "this chair would be easy to reupholster and such great practice!" Yeah, well, I think we all know how overly ambitious my statement was...particularly considering I don't own a sewing machine!) Fast-forward to today when I dropped off the chair at Michael's Upholstery in San Rafael. My fabric has finally come in. I ordered this fabric back in November and it has finally arrived...yep, 2+ months later.

Here's the World's BEST Design Assistant, showing you the chair and what needs to be fixed:

This big rip here...

See that spot around on the other side...also not good.

In fact, the whole thing should be redone! New fabric all around!

Well, like they say, when life gives you lemons...use them in a great bowl as a casual centerpiece!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Needing a little pick-me-up (just one of those looooooooooooooooooong days) I perused my inspiration are some favorites:

30% of the long day is attributed to the overall dread I'm feeling about going down to the Board of Equalization tomorrow AM. I have to close-out the Sole Proprietorship Resellers License and obtain a new Resellers License in the name of the LLC. I have filled out the forms to the best of my ability but I'm still confused about where I'm supposed to do my 'final' tax return for the SP. Hopefully the BoE will be patient with me tomorrow and more importantly, hopefully everything can be accomplished in one visit.

Back to inspiration, I saw this couple (above) walking a while ago and thought they were so cute. They seemed to be so in love. At the risk of sounding cheesy, I hope Tony & I can be like that when we reach that age; which is why it falls into the inspiration category. Inspiration & a reminder to also work hard at being a better person in my marriage.