Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The chair is finished!

Yesterday I was able to pick-up the finished chair from Michael's Upholstery in San Rafael. (www.michaelsupholstery.com) I am so impressed by how well they lined up the fabric! What a huge difference the new fabric makes.
Chair after I picked it up:

(Yes, the coffee table that the TV is on, is a temporary solution.)
Paint color for the chair legs, Benjamin Moore, Pebble Beach Grey:

Process to correct the leg color(I should have painted the legs BEFORE sending it off to be reupholstered!):

Finished product:

A reminder of how it looked previously, a-la Ava:

Next on the agenda, I'm going to attempt to slipcover this ottoman, also inherited from a friend:

Here's how the sun has faded the fabric over time...

Here's how I think it will look afterward:

Question for you, does it look bad having a 'skirt' around the bottom, when the other pieces don't? I think I like the variation of style...

And the dog in the pic is Penelope...named after the plant that previously resided in that space. Penelope the plant has 'moved on to a better place'. Penelope is wearing a mask because she has a weird eye that kind of freaks us out.

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Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

I love the chair, but it's your daughter that has me ga-ga!! Such a little cutie!!