Thursday, February 3, 2011

One woman's trash, is another woman's...

to redo in a great new fabric! My friend, Ashlie, was moving out of her place on Filbert Street a few years ago and asked if I wanted her chair. (I had previously made the comment, "this chair would be easy to reupholster and such great practice!" Yeah, well, I think we all know how overly ambitious my statement was...particularly considering I don't own a sewing machine!) Fast-forward to today when I dropped off the chair at Michael's Upholstery in San Rafael. My fabric has finally come in. I ordered this fabric back in November and it has finally arrived...yep, 2+ months later.

Here's the World's BEST Design Assistant, showing you the chair and what needs to be fixed:

This big rip here...

See that spot around on the other side...also not good.

In fact, the whole thing should be redone! New fabric all around!

Well, like they say, when life gives you lemons...use them in a great bowl as a casual centerpiece!

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