Sunday, February 20, 2011

Removable Wallpaper

The Tempaper was pretty easy to apply. The website has a pretty easy to follow demo.

But when you're dealing with uneven walls and slanted floors and ceilings, typical of San Francisco, you definitely have a bit to adjust for. Also, because this place IS a rental, we can't make any permanent changes.

First, we did as the company's video suggested and lined up the paper on the floor first.

We then began applying the paper. Three people (Nick and Tony to get it started & lined-up at the ceiling and myself near the bottom) seemed the perfect amount to apply this paper and another to document the process (Caroline). One thing we learned: if you're holding the paper at the bottom, like I was, don't pull it too much because it WILL stretch.

Tony trimming the paper at the moldings, after it was all hung.

Starting to refinish the bed

Paint layers, all Benjamin Moore: Natura line Primer, Pebble Beach Grey (had on-hand), Cloud White (only a very small sample size)

and don't tell Benjamin Moore but I sort of cheated because it was late at night and needed a darker color so I added black acrylic paint to the Pebble Beach Grey to get the dark color.

Thanks again hubby and M/M Myers!

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Caroline said...

I had so much fun helping out with this project! Your bedroom looks AMAZING and it isn't even done yet! I will say too that Tony and Nick are awesome wallpaperers :) They definitely could go into the wallpapering business - they've got the height, patience and attention to detail!