Thursday, March 17, 2011

30 Rock...set design

For those that were watching "30 Rock" tonight, I'm pretty sure that during the last scene, the 'tempaper' that we used in our bedroom, was shown!!! I tried googling it and didn't see any confirmation of this theory...but we (Tony & I) are fairly confident we aren't mistaken.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kelly Wearstler & LonNy = L-O-V-E!

The most recent LonNy has been released and I love, no, LOVE, the advice from Kelly Wearstler about juggling work, life & parenthood. Mrs. Wearstler says, "When I'm at work, I'm working; when I'm with my family, I'm with them; when I'm at Barry's Bootcamp, I'm working out." Essentially, she's always in the moment...never thinking outside of the moment. That's an incredibly disciplined mind!! No wonder her projects are sheer perfection. Something to aspire towards!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today I had a wonderful opportunity to meet with an inspirational designer & furniture gallery owner, Claudia Mahecha. She recently opened Supernatural SF. (Watch for it in your favorite design magazines!) The space is modern yet warm. I feel like that is a hard end-result for many designers to achieve: an inviting, comfortable, but modern aesthetic. Instead, it seems more common to have a cold feeling in a modern setting. However, after sitting down with Claudia for an hour, it was clear why the space was so inviting. She is one of those women that you feel like you could be best friends with! My friend, Stacy Fisher, put us in contact and I couldn't be more thankful, thank you Stacy!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Rickhouse

I had been told I would love the design of the Rickhouse and in-fact, I do! Tonight, Tony watched Ava while I met Ashley for a couple of post-work drinks at The Rickhouse. Ashley, thank you! It's the same owners as Bourbon and Branch, and the ambiance feels similar, minus the books & passwords and add Kentucky. Yes, the bar opened in July 2009...however, it was new to me and still gets quite the after work crowd. I loved the faux, over-sized, barn doors, as the bar's exterior facade. Like Bourbon and Branch, it's a mixologist's bar...focusing on "America's" drink.

I attempted to take some pictures of the interior with my iPhone, but it was too dark. The rustic, reclaimed barn, wood-paneled walls were so welcoming and cozy. I loved the back-lit wall of booze, on the left as you walk in. Loved the lighting!!!