Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Rickhouse

I had been told I would love the design of the Rickhouse and in-fact, I do! Tonight, Tony watched Ava while I met Ashley for a couple of post-work drinks at The Rickhouse. Ashley, thank you! It's the same owners as Bourbon and Branch, and the ambiance feels similar, minus the books & passwords and add Kentucky. Yes, the bar opened in July 2009...however, it was new to me and still gets quite the after work crowd. I loved the faux, over-sized, barn doors, as the bar's exterior facade. Like Bourbon and Branch, it's a mixologist's bar...focusing on "America's" drink.

I attempted to take some pictures of the interior with my iPhone, but it was too dark. The rustic, reclaimed barn, wood-paneled walls were so welcoming and cozy. I loved the back-lit wall of booze, on the left as you walk in. Loved the lighting!!!

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John Hawkins said...

Dude, I just discovered that place last week. Totally awesome. It's like my new favorite bar, save that it's not at all convenient to my current location...