Thursday, April 14, 2011

Boring bookkeeping with a quick, fun, design break.

Thank God for (as they say on Wheel Of Fortune) "my wonderful husband", Tony! This morning we have been going through the past few months of transactions and getting me caught-up in Quickbooks. It's an easy enough system but when you haven't recorded anything for a few months/you need to create all of your vendors, customers,'s a definite time investment. I need a quick break from quick(laborious right now)books. I shouldn't even complain though, I just have to get things organized and my amazing husband said he'll input it for me tonight - see, he is wonderful!!!! Thanks sweetie!

When I was in Portland my best friend from college called asking for a little help picking a paint color for her bedroom. She explained that she only gets a little light from one window and she was thinking greens, greys, purples, but wanted something that was soothing. I immediately responded with: Benjamin Moore's Pebble Beach. PB has a way of expanding the space, even in a dark area. She had been looking at a few Miller paints and they had good hues but the colors she had picked were too dark. She looked at BM's extremely helpful website and found that they suggested Annapolis Green to pair with it.

Here is her painted room:

I like how she chose to do the stripes horizontal. It makes me think of how people always tell you not to wear horizontal stripes on your lower half because it makes you look wider. The stripes seem to make the walls look wider as well. I love vertical stripes too because it seems to make the room look taller.

She chose a matte finish for the Pebble Beach and a semi-gloss finish for the Annapolis Green. The light bounces off that color and adds more texture to the room. I always find it interesting how the light in the room effects the color of the walls. The grey almost appears to have a pink cast BUT she assures me that it doesn't when you're in the space. She is still working on finishing the rest of the room. I'm so excited to see it when it's done. In her words "soothing & relaxing" are the perfect words to describe it - exactly what you want with a bedroom. I'm happy that she's so happy with it!!

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