Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fun-filled Spring Schenaningans

A recent visit to Coup D'Etat, I love this source, they always have creative displays and unique pieces...I think these mushrooms would be a fun, Gaudi-inspired addition to a backyard.

Someday I will have a swing in my house or some sort of suspended chair:

These over-sized chandeliers make such a statement:

On a personal note, Tony & I were out running errands and came across a gnome with an orb. Our good friend has this 'thing' with gnomes. They seem to follow her, literally everywhere she goes. She doesn't particularly care for them, nonetheless, we decided she needed this gnome, Lucky. We didn't have a key to her gate so we used the leash from our BOB stroller to hoist it over the gate...

Here's Lucky, happily awaiting his new master...

Needless to say - when she found Lucky and I won't share the text we received but I think deep down she thought it was funny. BUT we were laughing to ourselves about it for a while. Once you're given a gnome, it has to stay with you for life (at least that's what I've heard is the rule). Her daughter is quite fascinated with him:

Do you have any practical jokes/pranks you've recently played on a friend? Would love to hear your story!

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