Sunday, April 10, 2011

Future Designer?

Ava was having fun in-between our recent trips, re-arranging her piano - particularly the bench. Everything has been put back to where it is supposed to be...but it is really cute watching her move stuff around.

The past three weeks have been a delightful whirl-wind. A project in Portland, OR and another in Orange County, CA. (Ava was an excellent design assistant!) Between these two jobs - an audition for the Wheel of Fortune!

Thankfully Tony was able to accompany me to & from the audition...special thanks to Pat & Jeff for watching Miss Ava! I've never done anything like that and it was a lot of fun! Some friends; Shazia, Ivana & Tracy for prepping me on what to expect. I made it to the final round (from 100+ to 22 of us) and no one will know if they made it on until they receive a letter from the show. Just before Tony & I left for Culver City - Miss Ava & I...

Also exciting - Tony & I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary at the Ritz, in Laguna Niguel, on Friday. (Thank you Pat & Jerry!) However, our actual anniversary is tomorrow. I was really impressed by the design of the Ritz (& the service we experienced) so I look forward to posting more about that too!

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