Friday, May 20, 2011

2011 Decorator Showcase

Last night Caroline & I toured the 34th Annual, Decorator Showcase house. Unfortunately, the pictures I took on my phone did not turn out well. The house seemed smaller than recent years but I thought the house overall was great. I find it inspirational to go through each room, taking note of the interesting details. Similar to the Elle Decor House at the end of last year, there seemed to be a lot of grass cloth used on the walls. There were so many beautiful Benjamin Moore colors used on the walls that weren't covered in grass cloth.
Here are some that I particularly enjoyed:
In the wedding suite there was a beautiful, light blue color on the walls: Benjamin Moore Blue Lace, matte, 1625.

The creamy, warm grey in the bathroom, done in high gloss. Val, the designer of the room gave me her painter's contact info - he did such a great job! AF 680, wish.

The lighter grey in the bathroom was beautiful as well: Barren Plain, 2111-60.

Just prior to visiting the house with Caroline I was at the Palace of Fine Arts with Brooke Bryand - taking some professional photos to be used on my website, blog, twitter & LinkedIn accounts...She is very good at getting me to relax, it was only 15 minutes but I hate getting my picture taken. Had it been any longer, I don't think I could have lasted...Brooke has an 18-month old, Cal, and she owns her own photography business. It's really nice to talk to moms that are in a similar situation - mostly at-home with our little ones and working through the naps, when they go to sleep at night, and on the weekends. She had Cal with a sitter while we met and Ava was at day care. I'm glad for those two days a week that she's at day care because it allows me to have a focused amount of time to work and be a better mom to her, when she's home with me. We feel very fortunate to be able to spend so much time with our little ones and still be able to pursue our respective passions. A quick hello from Ava:

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