Thursday, May 26, 2011

Etsy Shop

With Tony's help (he did almost all of the work, outside of the paintings themselves) we have our Etsy shop up! We are selling canvas prints of my original paintings. If you search on Etsy, our shop name is: JLInteriorDesign.

The genesis behind the shop on Etsy began when I was pregnant with Ava. First, I wanted a retro owl painting for her nursery but in a specific color palette. After receiving the art cards at Ava's baby shower, from Kristen, I knew I wanted the paintings to be high-contrast. I thought that if a baby would be able to make out those shapes, in their crib, they might be able to make out shapes in a larger piece of art on the wall. I couldn't find any owl art online that fit the bill...since then, many more owls can be found, however, I'm biased towards preferring ours. We thought it would be interesting to pursue the Etsy route and see what comes of it, if anything. You'll find on there some color and size options but you can customize almost all of it to your liking. The sizes listed on there are sort of large but smaller sizes are available. We've had a few friends order some of the canvases already and they have turned out really nice.

And as far as Ava's enjoyment of them, since she was teeny tiny she has enjoyed looking at them...she would stare at them for long periods. I think that is also part of the reason she said the word 'owl', soon after dada/mama...

Any feedback on the shop that you feel like giving, we are all ears!

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