Friday, May 13, 2011

A new episode of "I Love Lucy"

Sometimes I wonder if Tony feels like he’s married to Lucille Ball but with blonde hair…?

If he would have come home yesterday, about 12n, he probably would have been certain of it.

Before I go further, I need to give a little background. I’ve been talking about how I want to just fix a couple of other things in our apartment. Specifically the curtain-chair-rug combo we had going on in our living room has been eating away at me daily – I kept pulling out other curtains we had stored away and trying them out on the windows. Yes, going the route of gorgeous window treatments would be ideal BUT when you know there’s a chance you won’t be in your rental for another year, what’s the point?…the next place could, and likely will have, entirely different window dimensions.

Yesterday I concluded that the only solution was to swap the rug from our living room with the rug in our bedroom. Then I could bring back my fun curtains in the living room. These curtains also help to balance out the heaviness of the big, black furniture that I would like to burn…but it’s functional, so it stays, for now. A couple of points about what lay on top of the approx. 8’x10’ rugs I was about to swap.
Obstacle #1… in the bedroom: 200 lb bed. Obstacle #2…TV & couches on the rug in the living room. Obstacle #3 moving the rugs between rooms – they are heavy and I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder…this ‘fun’ began at 11am, at 12n as I had the bed up in the air, nearly breaking the chandelier, a mattress and box springs leaning against separate walls, bedding piled up in a couple of spots, the vacuum nearby but in a dangerous spot, trying to get the shag rug out from under the bed, I almost folded and called for help…

I nearly took the bed frame apart but just decided to prop the frame on a chair and move quick to get the rug out. After about another two hours the rugs were swapped, the floors vacuumed and the previous curtains removed and replaced with the fun, navy-leaf patterned curtains.

Hopefully by the end of Memorial Day weekend we’ll have the last oak-colored piece of furniture repainted and the 3rd sham will have arrived. (It has been on back-order since March!)

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Caitlin Grandfield said...

that sounds crazy! But definitely like something I would do.