Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Day Face Lift

But probably not in the way you're thinking of it...

I have been itching to finish our bedroom and today, a step closer. After our family walk and play-time at the park, we came home and painted our dresser. It has only been primed, in a French-country fashion until we decide if we want to enhance it further. One idea I had, while on the family walk, was to trim the inside of the drawers with a medium-toned as you look at the drawers you would see the white border, that angles inwards towards the flat panel of the drawer and then the grey (1/4" thick painted trim) and then the flat panel of white.

We just returned home from a wonderful Mother's Day lunch at Horizon's in Sausalito, gazing out over the gorgeous, wind-swept bay...just love SF!!! Tony & Ava gave me a very sweet gift: a journal, with lined paper and a hard-bound cover, so I can jot down my ideas anywhere, perfect!

Hope your Mother's Day is fantastic, wherever you are! Love you Mom!! XOXO

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