Saturday, June 11, 2011

Past Perfect!

This past Monday Ava and I paid a little visit to Past Perfect on Lombard. I fell in love with this pair of chairs, covered in Fortuny fabric - $2,500/pair.
I think that they would look great in our place but after the wood is painted a different color. I would love to see them in a high-gloss white and then the fabric would really pop.
Loved this table! $475
Next up: this pair of marble lamps, for $450, lamps only.
However, they need new lampshades...hardback lampshades, like the ones shown here, don't make the lamps dazzle as they should! Also, the lampshades aren’t long enough for those lamps & as a result, the switch is showing. As Arina at Naomi's Lampshades said: "It’s like walking around with your slip showing.” The shade should cover the switch and the base of the harp. Here are a couple of shades that I think, style & color-wise) would effectively dress-up these gorgeous, marble lamps, as they should be:
The great thing about lamps: You can take them with you as you move through life & homes. You will always need to be able to see what you're doing and as such, you might as well spend the money to invest in something nice. Think of them as a basic set of diamond earrings or pearls. It’s fine to have imitation when you’re building your career but when you have reached a certain point, it’s time to pitch the cheapies and invest in the real thing – it equates to the home as well.


Jolene Lindner said...
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Anonymous said...

I love the way you go out and find interesting items, not necessarily new and refine them to fit your clients homes or something for yourself.