Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mary McDonald

I had a fun time meeting Mary McDonald today at the SF Design Center. She's just as funny (and kinda quirky) as she is on Bravo's "Million Dollar Decorator". I signed up initially because I thought she was going to give a talk but today we found out she was doing a book signing
for her new book, "Interiors: The Allure of Style".
It was also fun because I ran into one of my girlfriends from FIDM, Jill Williams, and was able to learn all about her success since leaving FIDM. Really excited for her. She was with Kerrie Kelly (who she's currently working with) and a number of other people she works with. They were all sweet enough to include me in a picture with them and Mary.
Too bad about the flash, right!? Kerrie is really great - sad that her pretty face was obscured by the flast as well.
When it came to be my turn to have my book signed Mary started it off with singing Dolly Parton's "Jolene" to me - I had to laugh, so funny! I asked her to also include Ava's name so she said, "Ava, such a pretty name. I've always love the name Ava. My dog's name is Ava." I said, "Oh really? How do you spell it?" To which she replied, " E-V-A, everyone always tells me I spelled it wrong and that it's supposed to be A-V-A." We continued talking for a bit about her dogs/spelling and sweet little 18 mo-old, Ava. I left with the following dedication, written in my copy of her book, "To Jolene & Ava, May you have years of design success together! Mary McDonald." Mary has picked Ava's future career for her. ;~)
I had some time to do some shopping between that event and the next event at the SFDC, which was a talk given by Barbara Barry, "The Power of Design". It was truly inspirational! More on that tomorrow!
Good night!

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