Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Baby = New Room for Big-Sister!

A few months ago I started working with a friend of mine on her house. The primary focal point for our efforts was her guest room that was to be converted to her daughter's new room. Her husband and her were expecting their second child in the beginning of August. The little one arrived on-time and will soon be in her big sister's nursery.

Even though I know my friend and her style I still took her through the design process and worked to pin-point exactly what she liked and didn't like as far as interior design is concerned. We also spent a lot of time thinking about whether or not her daughter, who is currently 2, would be better off switching to a toddler bed, a twin-sized bed or a queen...in the end she made the decision to stick with the crib for now and make the call when her daughter got older. I would definitely be interested in hearing people's stories about when they switched their toddler to a bed and the size you bought and in hind-sight, what you wish you would have done.

Anyway, we went with a lavender/green theme and incorporated a lot of the items from the couple's travels to add meaning to the space.

Of course there was a budget and we ended up coming in below that number by repurposing some existing items. There is a side table of drawers that her mom is refinishing that isn't shown here. She also has a great set of parents that were willing to lend a hand, to also reduce the cost of the overall project. Her parents and herself placed the decal on the back wall - they did a tremendous job!

Before I left the last time we went through and moved some pictures around and rearranged some items to pull the house together a little more and give it a fresh look. It was a lot of fun and really wonderful to work with her and her family on this project! Thank you!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Barbara Barry

On September 14th, as a part of Fashion Week/Fall Into Fabrics at the Design Center, I had the great pleasure of listening to Barbara Barry’s talk about her new line for Kravet. She is quite petite, poised, and funny! During her intro she informed us that she had drank way too much wine the night before at Michael Mina’s restaurant in the St. Francis, Bourbon Steak. She said she found delight in her discovery of “Melt” to help with her hangover. Definitely a different way to start out a talk on her new line.

Here are some of the things that resonated with me.

“You don’t have to be wealthy to lead an elegant life.” - Barbara Barry.
I think this quote fits so well with my slogan: attainable design, with you in mind.

She shared with us a slideshow of her trips to Asia, her line for Kravet is IndoChine and it is 2.5 years in the making. Some of the primary colors: Gold, purple, grey. She sprinkled in greens and blues. Here is her slide show, with her narrating. (The music in the background is kinda cheesy, sorry Ms. Barry...)

One of my favorite pictures - the Chinese Tea Egg.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Here is what the place looked like after the last visit (we aren't 100% done yet)...My mom taught me how to rewire lamps so I rewired three of their lamps in their living room. Their lamps (unbeknownst to them at the time) are worth a lot of money...they're vintage lamps, the sea green lamp has a particular pedigree.


A few months back a designer friend of mine, Jason Wong of Retrograde, introduced me to a family (friends of his) in need of design assistance. At the time, Jason’s plate was too full to help them out. I was flattered for the referral and the confidence he bestowed in me, to help out his friends. He had worked with them previously, check out his post here. Jason had made a lot of great changes but this time the couple was ready to do a little more and wanted a ‘project manager’ to keep on them to ensure that all of the proposed changes were implemented. Upon meeting them, I instantly liked them and identified with their situation. I really believe that a well-designed space is available at nearly any price point. It’s about using your creativity and design-eye to find the right pieces at an attainable price-point. For those of us that live in SF, where we pay way more in rent for a 2 bedroom apartment than the average person living in say…my native Oregon, pays in mortgage for a 3 bedroom home; finding well-priced items for the home is an even more daunting task. BUT, I love a good challenge. The budget that I was presented with was $3-5k, to work on the formal living room, dining room, curtains in the playroom off of the kitchen, the TV room, guest room and as much as we could do in the master bedroom. The dining room and master bedroom are still in progress. The dining room needs a new rug and we need to rearrange some art on the walls.

 Here is what the place looked like when I met with them for the first time…
Next up...what the place looked like after my most recent visit