Friday, October 14, 2011


A few months back a designer friend of mine, Jason Wong of Retrograde, introduced me to a family (friends of his) in need of design assistance. At the time, Jason’s plate was too full to help them out. I was flattered for the referral and the confidence he bestowed in me, to help out his friends. He had worked with them previously, check out his post here. Jason had made a lot of great changes but this time the couple was ready to do a little more and wanted a ‘project manager’ to keep on them to ensure that all of the proposed changes were implemented. Upon meeting them, I instantly liked them and identified with their situation. I really believe that a well-designed space is available at nearly any price point. It’s about using your creativity and design-eye to find the right pieces at an attainable price-point. For those of us that live in SF, where we pay way more in rent for a 2 bedroom apartment than the average person living in say…my native Oregon, pays in mortgage for a 3 bedroom home; finding well-priced items for the home is an even more daunting task. BUT, I love a good challenge. The budget that I was presented with was $3-5k, to work on the formal living room, dining room, curtains in the playroom off of the kitchen, the TV room, guest room and as much as we could do in the master bedroom. The dining room and master bedroom are still in progress. The dining room needs a new rug and we need to rearrange some art on the walls.

 Here is what the place looked like when I met with them for the first time…
Next up...what the place looked like after my most recent visit

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