Sunday, January 29, 2012

What's old becomes new again...<$40 & 1 hour of labor

The picture above is our "old" entryway. [The coat racks came with the apartment and since we don't have anywhere else to keep our coats (gotta love small SF apts) - we kept them in-place.]

A little sad, right? I know the carpet is AWFUL - we've asked the landlord twice to have it replaced. I think it hasn't been changed since 1970 when the place was purchased: gross. Sunday I decided (& got approval from my husband) to spray paint the console table red, in an effort to add life to the entryway. Over the past year or two I've had a tendency to hate red and as a result, the entryway has become the space that I stash all things red that we own. "Regal Red" is the Rust-o-leum red I chose at Fredericksen's Benjamin Moore store. The knobs were also from the hardware store...altogether, under $40.

Each coat took about 10 minutes to apply. As a reminder, wear gloves so you don't get 'spray can finger' & hold the can at a 45 degree angle, 6-8 inches from the object and move quickly. If you miss a spot - catch it in the next coat. I let the paint dry 1 hour between each coat.
To start:
Primer for 'red' paint:
Two coats of Regal Red:
To finish - I swapped out the previous picture for something brighter and moved a rug from another spot to under the table. AND the landlords, thanks to the new management company, agreed to let me select the new carpet - from 8 'apartment price point' selections. Much happier now!