Sunday, January 29, 2012

What's old becomes new again...<$40 & 1 hour of labor

The picture above is our "old" entryway. [The coat racks came with the apartment and since we don't have anywhere else to keep our coats (gotta love small SF apts) - we kept them in-place.]

A little sad, right? I know the carpet is AWFUL - we've asked the landlord twice to have it replaced. I think it hasn't been changed since 1970 when the place was purchased: gross. Sunday I decided (& got approval from my husband) to spray paint the console table red, in an effort to add life to the entryway. Over the past year or two I've had a tendency to hate red and as a result, the entryway has become the space that I stash all things red that we own. "Regal Red" is the Rust-o-leum red I chose at Fredericksen's Benjamin Moore store. The knobs were also from the hardware store...altogether, under $40.

Each coat took about 10 minutes to apply. As a reminder, wear gloves so you don't get 'spray can finger' & hold the can at a 45 degree angle, 6-8 inches from the object and move quickly. If you miss a spot - catch it in the next coat. I let the paint dry 1 hour between each coat.
To start:
Primer for 'red' paint:
Two coats of Regal Red:
To finish - I swapped out the previous picture for something brighter and moved a rug from another spot to under the table. AND the landlords, thanks to the new management company, agreed to let me select the new carpet - from 8 'apartment price point' selections. Much happier now!


Brooke said...

Hey there! love your blog! Your designs are beautiful that you have been working on. Cant believe your daughter is already 2.5! Time flies.

I love how you did this console. Right now I have a black bookcase that I had painted awhile ago. It looks horrible and I really want to paint/spray a glossy grey. What is the best way to do this? Do I need to sand off the existing paint? Or should I just use a spray prime and then the spray paint? Please let me know your suggestions..

Hope you and your family are well


Jolene Lindner said...

Hi Brooke! Great to hear from you, thanks for checking out my blog...looks like I accidentally deleted some pics too, oops. Not sure how I did that.

Anyway, for your bookcase, does it have any globby spots from when you painted it last time? It would be best if the surface is clean and smooth before you begin. I think you would probably be ok with priming without sanding but a purist would probably tell you the best route to go is to sand it first. (I've asked that same question of many different people many times over and received both answers.) I find the Benjamin Moore store on Fillmore, Fredericksen's
(415) 292-2950 to be great about answering questions like yours.

Hope this helps! Glossy grey sounds beautiful! I want to see pics when you're done. :-)