Saturday, September 22, 2012


For fun I like re-imagining our living room.

Today's inspiration started with the Belgian Slope Arm outdoor sectional from Restoration Hardware in Perennials Textured Linen Weave in 'Natural'. I've been kind of obsessing about this sectional all summer. And yes, I want an outdoor sofa - inside. Why? Because when you spill a lot, like I tend to...probably even more than my 2.5 yr-old does...having stain resistent, durable fabrics and 'revolutionary foam cushions' that dry quickly, are a MUST. An added plus: if the stain is really bad, this is just a slip cover so you can toss it in the wash or replace it altogether.
Here's the room as a whole.

I accidentally grabbed the Belgian Track Arm sectional instead of the Belgian Slope Arm sectional, for this mood board but you get the idea. (Update: I tried fixing this but can't find an image of the Belgian Slope Arm Outdoor sectional.)

One of the walls or maybe all of the walls would be made of this board formed concrete as well. 

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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