Monday, December 31, 2012

Remodel - Reflection & Looking Ahead

On this New Year's Eve I'm spending some time reflecting back upon the largest project I have had the privilege to work on (specifically through JLID as opposed to with another design firm) thus far.

This project is definitely on the fast track and I couldn't be happier. 

Driving by the site today, notice the new fourth floor!

Here is a picture from a little over one month ago, we were up on the new third floor at that point.

Here was the view from the new fourth floor deck when it was just getting framed. The owners will have an amazing view of the Golden Gate bridge. Also great for one of my favorite weekends here in SF: Fleet Week & the Blue Angels' air show. 

Here is the deck as of my last visit on 12/21/12.

From the beginning the contractor, Howard Hughes, was adamant about getting the house framed and sealed up before the rains started. We are all so grateful! His crew and subcontractors have been able to continue their work through all of the awful weather we have experienced recently. The electrical, plumbing, windows and trim work have all been roughed-in. We are at the stage where items are being ordered, which is very exciting. 

Happy New Years!!

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