Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday Sales + Rented Apt. = Quick Fix

Happy Holidays! 

One of the best things about the holidays is spending time at home with loved ones! However, if you're a designer, that also leads to an insatiable desire to 'fix' all of the things that bother you about your place. When you rent, have a finance background and you're a designer, you find yourself perpetually in a mental tug-of-war.

Today while on a really quick research mission in the East Bay for a project, we stopped at West Elm. Tony & I have been talking about getting a new rug to replace the current white shag...

but as anyone who has ever shopped for a rug knows, rugs are expensive. And we rent, enough said. Thanks to the great sale ($149.99 for 8'x10') on the jute boucle rug in iron we were able to get the fix we have been craving!

Up close:
I love the texture that the jute adds to the room.

Off on the side of the couch (that you cannot see from this angle) is a white, shag, bean bag for our daughter. We replaced the 'anywhere' chair with the beanbag about a year ago. If you have a two year old, I definitely recommend it! So. Much. Fun. The orientation of the room has shifted. We got rid of the ginormous media cabinet that was too small for our TV...even in its ginormity. I definitely think a room looks best if the TV is hidden but some battles aren't worth fighting with hubby. The room still needs at least two arm chairs over in the corner by the window and a new couch. But I think everyone knows how much I dislike our couch. The paintings on the left need frames. The windows need roman mom's coming to visit next week so I'm going to see if we can convert these curtains into roman shades.

Hopefully more to come in my holiday break make-over on a dime. 

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