Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Project Wallpaper - Part One

Happily I’m introducing you to Lindsey Krystofiak; here is Lindsey’s first entry for the "Designing Mama"  (AKA JL Interior Design) blog: “Project Wallpaper”. XO, Jolene

"Project Wallpaper - Part One"
Starting a wallpaper project (for the first time!) is daunting enough, but throwing in a weekend of potty training on top of it is just silly.  That is exactly what we did.

My mom is visiting from Michigan for a few weeks so I thought I would seize the opportunity and tap into her wallpapering expertise. Together we searched hundreds of wallpapers until we finally decided upon this really interesting tan/gold linen-like paper with an eclectic peacock blue design.  The purchase was made and phase I of “Project Wallpaper” was underway! 

We rolled out the black drop cloth, filled the pan with paste and started cutting the paper. 

The first strip was the trickiest.  We had a soffit to cut around with round corners and a kitchen cabinet to contend with that went all the way to the floor.  The first attempt was a good one but… realizing we ordered way too much paper, we decided we could afford to rip it down and try again.   

The second round was perfect with many thanks to my mom.  She cut the edges like a pro.  The second strip was flawless.  We were cruising along now.  Third strip done!  The fourth strip…oops.  I cut it about an inch too short.  All this extra wallpaper was quickly diminishing.

Quickly recovering from the bellyaches from laughing so hard and frustration of having to cut and glue another strip, we flawlessly finished the remaining three strips.  By flawless, I mean the last strip we did ended perfectly at the bottom.  That was a close one!  Clearly, I was only trying to create less cutting for my mom.
All in all, it was 4.5 hours of blood, sweat and laughter.  We are so proud of our accomplishment!  And here's the finished product:

Now for phase II of “Project Wallpaper“ in the master suite…
XO, Lindsey

PS.  We had a successful day of potty training too!

Friday, October 4, 2013


Inspiration can be found anywhere. However, when you travel, it seems to jump out from behind every corner and surprise you.

Here are some of my favorite pieces of inspiration from this trip.

Red...prior to this trip I have been guilty of saying, "I hate red". How can anyone hate one color? Well, I'm over that now. Fell in love with the intensity and depth that it brings to any setting. 
Totally cliche but sunsets really are inspiring to me. Nature seems to showcase her best work at dawn and dusk.
The bold use of black as a headboard - simple yet effective. Not sure if you can see it in this picture but there are squares of alternating textures on this headboard - that alternate like black and white squares on a checkerboard moving from flat to glossy finishes.
Notice the red in this swimsuit? So playful and less serious. This swimsuit is a Missoni swimsuit, size 3-4, I think. It was adorable but had to pass on it...just obsessed with the way Missoni prints all work so well together. They energize me anytime I see them.
Here's a wall covering that is fabric stretched over the wall. The purple was perfect for this alcove. The pillows are Kimberly McDonald Home - LOVE!
 Such simplicity in this wall sconce but the way the light seems to delicately emerge from behind the metal and through the slivered openings I found mesmerizing.
Wall of lanterns - was taken in by the organic shapes that were contrasted against the structured layout/placement of the lights.
Our little Hula Girl...reminding me how well pink and green go together - as if I ever forgot. ;-)
Overall, I find myself repeatedly drawn to the simplicity of Hawaiian design. The lines are clean and crisp yet there is warmth to everything. It feels modern without making me feel 'cold' when I view it. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Marina Home - Before and After

Façade as of September 2012, she was the smallest building on the block.:

Façade as of May 2013, now she's just as tall as her neighbors.:

Back of the building, during the eclipse - May 2012...but first, quick pic of the eclipse to frame what you're seeing on the side of the building.:

Back of the building, as of June-ish 2013:
Ava just couldn't resist dancing away on the new pavers...

Marina Home - Complete Remodel and Addition, Finished!

Since the last post, Lindsey Krystofiak started working with me on the design side and Cathy Boutros as bookkeeper. Having the extra help has made a big difference. Love these ladies. Hoping to add a couple of other talented individuals in the next month or so...

For now, taking a long overdue break in Hawaii, looking at the ocean and doing one of my favorite things: writing.

Here are some follow-up pics of the completed master bathroom from the last post.  Photo credits to the ever so talented Catherine Nguyen.