Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lindsey’s “Project Wallpaper: Part II”

As promised, here is my story of Project Wallpaper:  Part II, Master Suite.

There weren’t as many laughs this time around but I love the outcome and the wallpaper!  Serena &Lily had just launched a new line of wall coverings and it was there that I found this bright white and beige herringbone/chevron print. 
It is graphic and organic, exactly what I was looking for in that space.  Bold but subtle enough that it didn’t scream at you in a place of tranquility.

BEFORE: (Ladder already in-place.)
The only difference between this round and the last one was EVERYTHING!  The wallpaper was much thinner, the area to cover was much larger and the most important difference…no mom to help!  So be it, I thought.  I can do this.

I laid out all the tools and prepped the room.  I thought I’d get a good start on it while my husband was still home before leaving me alone with Charli, our daughter, for a Niners game.  Good thing I noticed there was a major shortage of glue.  I ran up to Home Depot and was back in no time.
Using the last of the old glue, I started strip #1.  I cut the strip, applied the paste and stuck it on the wall only to see bumps everywhere!  After 20 minutes of trying to smooth it out, I decided to rip it down and start over.  After all, I did have 5 rolls for a project that only needed 4 rolls.  Plenty of paper to spare. 
After another failed attempt, I decided to switch glue.  It seemed a little stickier and thicker than the last project.  Pouring out the new glue was like night and day and a huge relief. I thought to myself, “I am not this bad, it was the old glue’s fault!”  The third strip was perfection and it only took 1 entire roll to achieve one strip...
My husband was now gone and my daughter eagerly wanted to help.  I was now a Nervous Nelly seeing how much more I had to do and thinking I was in over my head…with a 2 year old on my heels.  Quickly, I cut the next strip, applied the new, silky smooth glue and climbed the ladder to press the strip.  I had forgotten to align the pattern before cutting.  I thought, “SERIOUSLY??!!“ Once I aligned it to the pattern on the first strip it was a few inches too short.  Another strip crumbled and in the garbage.  I was now sweating.  How could I be so careless?

Luckily the next 6 strips were flawless and I finished with 1 roll untouched.  The sweat, however, never ceased.  It took me about 9 hours and 3 days worth of energy.  I was spent. 

I wouldn’t say that I’ll never do it again, but perhaps next time I’ll make sure my mom is around to help instead of my 2 year old, bless her heart. J