Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Congrats! You Bought Your FIRST Home, Now What?

In the Bay Area, purchasing your first home is a HUGE deal. Not to downplay the importance in other cities around the US but when you consider that it isn't uncommon for homes to go for $1K/SF, depending upon the zip need to be 100% that you're going to like your new neighborhood and home. You're SO EXCITED to have more than 800SF and the thought of having your own garage is oftentimes a luxury...and oh if there is a dishwasher/ washer & dryer, bonus! But there are certain aspects that you don't particularly love about the home. You may not notice these details in the honeymoon phase of homeownership but this is why you seek help. 

You've managed to come up with (magically and with a lot of hard work) that hefty downpayment and now you have furnishings for an 800SF apartment...but you STILL have to furnish this new home, which is substantially larger than your apartment. AND you don't want to mess up. 

One economical way to approach your first home is to phase your project. What I mean by that is, choose the spaces that are most important to you and focus on making those as 'right' as they can be for this current phase of your life.

For this adorable, young family, we had the pleasure of installing Part 1, of Phase 1 of their FIRST home. Since this project will take a while until we're completely finished, a blog post will quell my desire to get the photographer in there can wait.

Photos of the dining space, just off the entry.
Photos of the entry table, just off the side of the door of the library...really excited about the plans for that space!!! While the homeowners have a closet just around the corner, an entry table is essential for keys, mail, etc. Everyone needs a space to just 'drop' stuff. Unfortunately what you can't see yet is the great little bench that is opposite this table.
This home was built during that time period where people thought it was a good idea to plant things in their home...the 70's? I have a definite Bohemian side so I get it but for those that don't have a green thumb, it just doesn't work. Another thing that was challenging here was that the home has been remodeled no less than three times and each time they didn't try to marry the different parts of the home.

Here we focused on adding drama to those spaces that were quirky, architecturally, and making them meaningful...finding a way to make you pause as you move through the space. What was the planter, became a space for shoes, in the entry. Above, the AMAZING twig art was done by Paul Schick I had the pleasure of being introduced to his art by a previous colleague of mine and serendipitously received an email from him just as I was wondering what we would do for this space. It all clicked!
The Master progress...
I LOVE wallpaper...however, I DON'T love wallpaper from the 70's/80's/90's that looks like the before pic. Removing the WP and once we stain the bar in back, to match the deep stain on the stairs: beauty. The client decided to close-in the stairs for child safety reasons and it was a great call! The dark stain here looks gorgeous. Really excited for how the rest of the phases will progress!!!!
AND OF COURSE, I could not do any of this without my amazing team!! Lindsey Krystofiak, thank you and my secret weapon on my install crew who's name shall remain anonymous.